Use our Analytic Tool to follow important statistics pertaining to the success of your business. Our tool is used very similar to the Analytic Tool used on Pinterest. Here are several articles explaining Pinterest Analytic Tool that are very helpful.

Boards & Pins

Piformula’s board and pinning process is very similar to that of Pinterest but with a slight variation in features. For example, you’re able to pin images from Piformula to Pinterest (something highly recommended). On the other hand, you’re not able to pin images from Pinterest to Piformula. Nevertheless, here’s are some basic tutorials on How to Use Pinterest that will assist you in using Piformula.

Promoting Your Store

Be sure to follow our recommendation on “How to Promote Your Store” under the set-up wizard.



Go to Support for questions and answers or if your have a billing concern or other issues.


Marketing Tools



Set-up Wizard


Google Chrome Pin It

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